Инструкция мультиметру dt9208a

INTRODUCTION This DT92 Advanced Series Digital Multimeter is a compact precision, battery operated, LCD display 3-½ or 4-½ digits Digital Instrument. Superiority: High accuracy Large rotational folded LCD display, button release lock Digital height 25mm Single 32 position rotary switch for Инструкция мультиметру dt9208a and RANGE selection, allows fast and convenient operation. Curvilinear mode soft case. Colored indication jack with fully protection test leads. Lower overage power Auto-Power Off Data hold for easy reading 2. Measurement rate: updates 2-3 sec. Over range indication: "1" figure only in the display Automatic negative polarity indication. The " " displayed when the battery voltage drops below the operating voltage. Full range over load protection. Auto Power Off It will be automatically cut off in about 15 minutes after the power is turned on. It needs to be turned off and turned on again to continue the power. Operating temperature: 0°C~40°C, 0~75% Storage temperature: -10°C~50°C, 0~75% Power Single standard 9V battery EC 6F22, NEDA 1604, JIS 006P. Weight: approx 310g including battery Accessories: test leads pairspare fuse 0. Check Test lead continuity. Damaged leads should be replaced. Either one of the test leads should be taken of from the circuit under test when changing the test ranges. To avoid electrical shock or damage инструкция мультиметру dt9208a the meter. Do not apply more then 500V between any terminal and earth ground. To avoid electronic shock, use caution when working above 60VDC or 25VAC rms, such voltage pose a shock hazard. Инструкция мультиметру dt9208a finished the measurement switch off the power. Be sure to remove the battery when it is not used for a long time to avoid leakage problem. Do not tamper with the circuitry to avoid damage. Do not use or store the instrument in a place of direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity. Инструкция мультиметру dt9208a OF MEASUREMENT 5. Connect test leads инструкция мультиметру dt9208a measuring point and read the display value the polarity of инструкция мультиметру dt9208a red lead connection will be indicated at the same time as the voltage. Note: If the voltage to be tested is unknown beforehand, set the Function range switch to the highest range and work down. Never try to measure the voltage above 1000V! Although the indication is possible to show, there is danger of damaging the internal circuitry. Connect инструкция мультиметру dt9208a leads to measuring points and read the display value. The polarity at the red test lead connection will инструкция мультиметру dt9208a indicated at the same time as the current. Fuse type is 0. Connect the test leads across the resistance under measurement and read the display value. Note: The polarity of the red test lead is "+". When the input is not connected, i. Before connecting the capacitor, the display that could be zeroed automatically slows. Connect the test capacitor to the "Cx" input socket not test leads and read the display value. Note: The tested capacitor should be discharged before the testing procedure. Never apply voltage to the "Cx" input socket, or serious damage may result. Note: Do not apply more than 250V rms to the input. Indication is possible a voltage higher than 100V rms, but reading maybe out of specification. Note: Do not apply more than 250V rms to the input. Indication is possible a voltage higher than 100V rms, but reading maybe out of specification. Be sure the polarity of the thermocouple, put the cold end free end of the thermocouple sensor into the temperature testing holes. The working end testing end on or inside the object being tested. The value of the temperature is shown on the display in degrees centigrade °C. Note: The testing temperature is displayed automatically when инструкция мультиметру dt9208a thermocouple is put into the testing holes. The surrounding temperature is shown when the circuit of the инструкция мультиметру dt9208a is cut off. The limit temperature measured by the thermocouple given together with the instrument is 250°C, 300°C is acceptable within short period. Built-in buzzer sounds if the resistance between two probes is less than 30±10Ω. Connect the test leads across инструкция мультиметру dt9208a diode and read the display value. Note: When инструкция мультиметру dt9208a input is not connected, i. Reversed DC voltage approx. Make sure the transistor is "NPN" or "PNP" type. Инструкция мультиметру dt9208a correct инструкция мультиметру dt9208a to Display reading is approx. Note: Test condition: Base current approx 10uA. Check the logic circuit voltage, only 5V logic level circuit can be tested. Connect the black test инструкция мультиметру dt9208a to the logic circuit negative power supply point. Connect the red test lead probe to the logic circuit test point. LCD DISPLAY PANEL ANGLE Инструкция мультиметру dt9208a LCD display panel is locked in lie down position in normal operating condition and storage, when the инструкция мультиметру dt9208a needs to change the display panel angle, push down the button which is above the top case, the display panel locking will be released. The display panel can be rotated to the best angle. BATTERY AND FUSE REPLACEMENT Battery and fuse replacement should only done after the test leads have been disconnected and power is off. Loosen screws инструкция мультиметру dt9208a suitable screwdriver and remove case bottom The meter is power by a single 9V battery EC 6F22, NEDA1604, JIS 006P. Snap the battery connector leads to the terminals of a new battery and reinsert the battery into the case top. Dress the battery leads so that they will not be pinched between the case bottom can case top. The meter is protected fast инструкция мультиметру dt9208a 0. Replace the case bottom and reinstall the three screws. Never operate the meter unless the case bottom is fully closed.

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